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Hello everyone in the world.

hello everyone in the world

Today is being also handled at my store, as it is used, hair would like to introduce the hair dryer which becomes beautiful more.
                                         HAIR BEAUZER


※ This picture is a picture of REPURONAIZA 3D Plus which will be soon sold right now.
Whatever says whether it's wonderful, this hair dryer gives moisture to a scalp hair by exclusive ceramics is in the hair dryer, and the wind's through the ceramics blowing against hair, and has the effect which has the gloss hair which makes the hair flexible!


It's changing with also keeping using the unmanageable hair damage can have done in a straight hair with moisture, and moreover it's also to address cool wind to skin directly besides the hair, and the texture is complete and you can increase in moisture and also use it as the revolutionary beauty equipment I do face finish of!
There is a so wonderful hair dryer by a book today!
This hair dryer is also put at the remix Shinjuku store, so when having come to Japan, please experience.
Then I'm waiting to be able to meet at a remix Shinjuku store pleasantly.







※この写真はもう直ぐ発売されるレプロナイザー3D Plusの写真です。