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Hello around the world.

It just was cold even 0 ℃ in the morning by Tokyo and was being a season in midwinter!

Air was also drying simultaneously with that, and it was the season when you also have a bad influence on hair, right?
When I say whether it's bad, when air dries, it can finish being lacking in water of hair, and dry what becomes easy for hair and a split end to be made?
(When hair is fluffy by static electricity, it's the signature which dries.)
Such, there is suitable operation in the season which dries.
Linkage treatment


This treatment is keeping moist inside the hair, a repair, protection in the surface and a treatment necessary to the time now by putting 3 kinds of treatment.


And there is also home care which can be used at your home, so about 1 month old can maintain hair of chintz!
(Please ask the staff who took charge how to use the home care.)
Japanese dryness has a considerable influence on hair, so if I come to Tokyo to play, and finds hair to be dry, please come to the remix Shinjuku store to play!
Then I'm looking forward to being able to meet everyone!