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Hello around the world.

It was a little recently, but it was becoming a lot that you can make the head spa a foreign customer.


I spend long time to Japan, and you come, and when being tired, feels like doing a spa.
I have the shampoo recommendation is doing as the back home care shampoo which did a head spa at a remix Shinjuku store.
                                             Mud Tanah Timur



This shampoo arranges disorder of supplement of mineral, improvement of blood circulation badness and a hair cycle by shampoo with active ingredients in mud of the ingredient which are multiple functions!
                        Amino Shampoo


The original shampoo for remix which is being made beautiful inside the hair with an amino acid.
Hair and skin consist of 18 kinds of amino acid.
Fat and dirt jammed into scalp are taken by shampoo with 18 kinds of this amino acid and flexibility and gloss are given to hair.
* This shampoo isn't being sold.
person who operated on the menu for home care.
When the person who did a head spa will also try shampoo out together, the effect lasts long.
Then I'm looking forward to being able to meet at a remix Shinjuku store.