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Hello around the world.

Spring tries to come from winter for a book today!

It became warm finally and daytime going out also became less spicy!
As spring comes in Japan freely, there is also many something to run away!
It's pollen so.
Japanese much is disturbed by hay fever, and it's also a spicy season simultaneously with becoming a pleasant season.
During such, something dramatically good has been developed!
                        「A2 Care」


This is made of 99.99% water, and 0.01% chlorine dioxide is combined liquid.


Onboard of ANA and airport lounge are used, and I have high safety and the sterilization deodorant effect.


A virus also had the effect which decreases 99.99 % in 1 minute later and even decreased the place in which pollen and a tick won't be detected mostly 10 minutes later.
The deodorant effect also becomes quite wonderful for a saviour in this time!
is also just quite no problem about a high body!
Just putting one bottle in a back, and when saying well, it's saved!
Then I'm waiting to be able to meet at remix Shinjuku pleasantly!