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Hello around the world.

I'd like to introduce the shampoo used at a remix Shinjuku store today!

Shampoo also is particular and is using at a remix Shinjuku store, so different shampoo is being advanced to a customer individual.


First, non silicon amino acid shampoo.


This is shampoo gentle with hair and skin and is the shampoo which gives gloss and moisture to hair by the thing I keep using.
Next the shampoo a person of the wide hair type can use!


Spumescence also becomes good in the shampoo I tend to use for everyone, too, and this shampoo can correspond to the wide hair type!
It's last, medicinal shampoo


This shampoo is the scalp care shampoo from which SUKKIRI removes the stains on scalp by a gentle washing ingredient! Botanical essence builds it into light hair!
I'm seeing the state of customer's scalp and hair by remix Shinjuku, am using shampoo appropriately and am operating this.
Then I'm looking forward to being able to meet at a remix Shinjuku store.