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Hello around the world

 Before doing the front where hair is dried and an iron, does everyone put anything?

goods at my store newly recently.
            「Sonic Three」     
When I say in many ways, this will be quite volatile expensive oil.
At blow dry of completion, it's also used at shukuke instead of protection oil of an iron set.
A polymer is also included of course, but it's the polymer used for medical treatment, so the safety is also high.
When the volatilization temperature is a stand 40 times, so it's put in a sprayer, it's applied to a hair and an iron is put in. I think it volatilizes quickly, and I give off smoke, but I don't need worry.
In fact I think hair will become slippery and be the finish which has no cases that I tasted so far!
Then I'm looking forward to being able to meet at remix Shinjuku.