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Hello around the world.

The rainy season ends now in Japan, and summer tries to come!




The foreign person who comes to Japan to play from the rainy season to summer becomes strong in a habit of hair by the humidity!




There is a hair dryer which is recommended to a person strong in a habit and the person who makes the umbrella umbrella juiceless in hair.




         「REPRONIZER 3D plus」




Hair just dries this hair dryer, and becomes glossy.



               [The main feature]



1. Hair is protected from damage.



2. Hair is moistened so that it's used.



3. Hair, beautifully.






The person who would like to use for intention per NA is handling it at a remix Shinjuku store, so please come any time!


Then it's being done in the pleasure to be able to meet at a remix Shinjuku store.